Timeless Tale (Catherine Cuvee Collection)

by | Nov 26, 2020 | Premium News | 0 comments

Timeless Tale (Catherine Cuvee Collection)

A time-honoured tradition that remains eternal for six generations since the 18th century. Henry of Pelham’s sparkling wines collection, “Cuvee Catherine,” is named after Henry’s wife, widow and family matriarch, Catherine Smith. Cuvée Catharine is a handpicked, bottle-fermented sparkling wine collection that sees lengthy ageing.

Introducing, Carte Blanche, made from handpicked Chardonnay, is a new addition to the sparkling wine series, initially comprising of Brut & the Rose. The team at Henry desired to give Carte Blanche packaging a unique look that would make it stand apart, yet complement the entire collection.

The carton was built using premium metalized polyester with SBS lamination to give subtle shiny finish.  The bottle is easily accessible with a tuck top close to the back with a sleek look on the front, giving the packaging a crease-free premium look without any cut lines. Taking the inspiration from the Catherine Cuvee logo, we stamped/applied the signature pattern across the box, creating a 360-degree effect.  Further, our innovation team transformed the manual close 1-2-3 bottom to a Hymes bottom that resulted in an effective yet hassle free base supporting the product.


The finishing touch is a display element that would draw the buyers’ attention for all the merchandisers and retailers out there.  Catherine Cuvee’s trio pack has an important detailing on each carton that unites all three packaging’s together: Stunning embossment of the interlocking iconic Catherine Cuvee’s logo.