The Story Behind the Package – Titanic Legacy 1912 Fragrance

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Every once in a while, you come across a product with a truly special story that must be told.

Cue The Titanic Legacy 1912 Fragrance.

The Story

Bellwyck had the opportunity to create a beautiful package that told the story of Adolphe Saalfeld, a first class passenger and survivor aboard the Titanic.

Adolphe Saafeld was a German-born chemist traveling on the Titanic to New York in hopes of developing a new line of fragrance scents. Adolphe survived the sinking of the ship, but he had to leave his precious case of perfume vials behind when he fled.

The perfume vials were eventually recovered 2 to 2.5 miles beneath the ocean’s surface, where it was discovered that many of the samples amazingly still contained their oils.

The vials of essential oils that were recovered from the Titanic are what inspired the scent behind QVC’s The Titanic Legacy 1912 Fragrance.

“Distinctive discovery. Inspired by actual essences recovered from the wreck of the Titanic, Legacy 1912 eau de parfum surrounds you with the fragrance of delicate lemon and nerolis, alongside blushing rose and warm, sheer amber. A testament to the enduring nature of history, this scent also honors the legacy of British perfume maker Aldophe Saalfeld, who had to leave his precious case of perfume vials behind when he fled the ship.” – QVC

Telling the Story

To tell the amazing true story behind The Titanic Legacy 1912 Fragrance, Bellwyck worked closely with the clients’ Marketing, Design, and Artistics Departments to turn their packaging dreams into a reality.

Through the use of colours, materials, textures, and type, Bellwyck was able to evoke emotions and capture the attention of QVC’s target audience.

The front panel of the Titanic Legacy 1912 Fragrance package was inspired by the door recovered from the sunken ship and designed to draw the audience in, urging them to listen to learn more. The back panel of the package was designed with a focus on text, providing consumers with  more detail on the inspiration behind this signature scent.

A Success Story

The Titanic Legacy 1912 Fragrance was a true success story, taking home the title of

FIFI winner for Retail Innovation of the Year and award winner of The Fragrance Foundation Awards 2013.

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