SMART Product Launches

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How do you ensure the product launch of your pharmaceutical product is on the path to success? By partnering with a Pharma Packaging Solutions provider that specializes in providing a Smart Launch.

What is a ‘Smart Launch’?

A ‘Smart Launch’ is an extension of Bellwyck Pharma Services’ “One Stop Solution” concept, where we help make the launch of your product as seamless as possible. By partnering with Bellwyck Pharma, you will get the opportunity to work one on one with a subject matter expert who will provide you with exceptional service throughout the lifecycle of your product launch.

“I personally think a successful product launch is when the customer’s approved product is available for sale on the retail or pharmacy shelves the day the customer needs it. It is necessary that the product is manufactured and packaged with acceptable quality standards. The customer experience and adherence to launch plan budget is important for the client’s vendor selection for future programs.”  – Raymond Sell, Bellwyck Pharma Services’ Director of Business Development.

The Smart Launch Process

Bellwyck Pharma Services can help take the stress that comes with the launch of your pharmaceutical product off of your shoulders. As a customer, you would place a purchase order and leave the rest up to us.  

We’ll manage all components involved in your product launch, including (but not limited to):

  • Product Launch Timeline Coordination
  • Primary and Secondary Packaging Design
  • Procurement or Manufacturing of Packaging Materials
  • Primary and Secondary Packaging Execution, including serialization and aggregation
  • Batch Records and Quality Review of Packaging Batch
  • Importation and Exportation related activities
  • Comprehensive Quality Review
  • Logistics related activities

Our on-site expertise allows us to ensure every launch produces a high quality product that is delivered in full and on time to the market, by closely managing the launch timeline through regular team meetings with subject matter experts on site. Detailed meeting minutes are published with required deliverables to keep our Customers up to date throughout the entire process.

In addition, we offer packaging design expertise to provide you with valuable input on the printed component design on your product, ensuring a smooth, successful launch from a packaging perspective.

At Bellwyck Pharma Services, we understand that every launch is unique and that is why our team of seasoned experts specialize in providing unique turnkey approaches to ensure a successful product launch.

Are you interested in learning how a Smart Launch will work for your pharmaceutical product?  For more information, contact us here: