If you can dream it, we can build it

If your needs are “out of the box” or more complex, we’re ready and able to work with you. Our award-winning carton designs prove it! From a two-piece hexagonal box with a hot stamped window, to a scale model of a space shuttle, to a holographic icicle or a Smart Click Box that does not need magnets. We have been asked for and delivered a wide range of intricate and innovative cartons.

Eye-catching appeal

Partnering with Bellwyck’s Innovation & Design team provides you with a combination of the best elements of design and CAD prototyping. Our extensive knowledge base allows us to deliver innovative, commercially viable concepts regardless of product, market, brand or budget.

Beautiful form meets cost saving function

This unique 2-in-1 folding carton eliminates the need to manually insert a separate protective liner by integrating a custom liner into the folding carton. This innovation automates the carton on all filling lines saving considerable manual costs. Clients also love the protection of their product with perfect color match and unlimited printing possibilities.

Show off your product

Create clean multiple window shapes anywhere on your carton to provide an upscale appearance for your gift set or carton design.

Create impact with eco-friendly, affordable closure

Our Smart Click box is an alternative package to the expensive magnetized closure boxes. Our unique closure sounds and feels like a magnet closure but it is magnet-less.

Make the ultimate eco-friendly statement

For very specific and unique projects, Bellwyck can supply cartons made from a board that is impregnated with seeds from a wide range of flowers. Once a consumer has the product home they can tear up the box and plant it in soil. Flowers will grow making this the ultimate in recyclability.

Protect your brand & your bottom line

Counterfeit goods are a multi-billion- dollar industry. Bellwyck has a portfolio of innovative print and technology solutions that protects your brand and confirms your product is authentic. We would be happy to discuss the best solution for your unique needs.