Special effects and
decorative finishes

Matchless Options to Differentiate Your Unique Product

Bellwyck has an unparalleled array of finishes, materials, special effects, and construction options to create that special look for each and every carton. From holographic to cold foil, to raindrop effects or glitter, to soft touch and invis-edge, we have all the technologies and expertise necessary to create a truly unique look to your carton that showcases your brand proposition to the market.

Elegant and bold special effects

The silkscreen UV coating creates a mirror-like sheen that can also provide a tactile element – similar in feel to micro-embossing. Special effects are up to your imagination, and can include things such as simulated rain drops, glitter that never rubs off, or sandpaper textures.

Luxurious texture and sophisticated appeal

The Soft-Touch coating provides a soft and velvety texture with the added benefit of being fingerprint resistant, non-yellowing and eco-friendly.

Unmatched vibrancy

Hot-stamping adds a vibrancy unmatched by other techniques. The contrast between the paper and the stamped area is brought to life when light is reflected on the foiled area. There is no printing process that quite matches the brightness of the gold or silver stamping foil.

3D colour, depth and brilliance

Holographic laminated papers, boards as well as hot-stamping foils are available. Pre-laminated boards can also be used for an overall random background pattern and hot-stamping can provide excellent highlight features.

Chic glamour & clean lines

Spray-edging all external cut edges adds a chic finished look to a package create clean lines with no raw white edges showing. You can also use a contrasting color for a distinctive impact. This process simulates vat dyed board appearance at a fraction of the cost.

Images come to life

Cold-foil provides a similar look to hot-stamp. This can be a more cost effective way to make your images come alive as the cold foil is applied in-line on the press. Printing effects such as gradations, 4-colour images and multiple coatings are possible since the ink is applied on top of the cold-foil.

Velvet luxury

Flocking is applied to specific areas of a package to create a richly unique look and feel. It can be very soft, velvety or suede-like and our specialists have mastered maintaining the consistency of the flocking on the carton.

Luxury rigid packaging for discerning brands

We specialize in the creation of beautiful and distinctive rigid boxes with seemingly endless printing and finishing options. From design, to prototype, to finished product our team of experts will bring your vision to life. Our solutions utilize recycled material that offers superb protection and consumer appeal.