Premium Packaging Considerations in the Confectionery Market

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There is no room for generic packaging when it comes to confectionery products.

The confectionery and chocolate market is a highly competitive arena with new entrants into the market popping up left and right. In fact, the global confectionery market was valued at over $180 billion in 2015 and is projected to grow to over $230 billion by 2022, according to report by Allied Market Research.

It’s hard to deny the crucial role that packaging plays in the sweet success of confectionery brands. Today’s confectionery packaging goes beyond product freshness and hygiene; it can be used to grab consumers’ attention, be visually pleasing, and encourage purchase decisions in a competitive landscape.

Before you jump head first into this competitive market, there are a couple considerations to keep in mind when developing your premium packaging.

Confectionery Considerations

    1. Protection of your confectionery treats

Choose a premium package that preserves the quality and taste of the products inside. Your consumers will thank you for protecting their product and preserving its flavour!

    1. The size of the package

Are you aiming for grab-and-go convenience for a portable confectionery product, or do you want consumers to think of your confectionery product when they purchase a gift? Remember to ask yourself what the purpose of your product is when choosing the size of the package.

    1. Personalization for gift giving

Have you ever seen chocolate branded with a personal message of YOUR choice? Consumers are getting more personal when it comes to gifting confectionery products. If you want your product to be gifted, consider adding options for your target consumer to add a little personalization.

    1. The power of nostalgia

Can you remember your favourite candy as a kid? We bet you can. Keep in mind that confectionery products have the power to tap into nostalgic feelings. Adding a retro feel to your package design can spark special memories for your consumer.

    1. Health-conscious consumers

Consumers are becoming more health conscious, increasing demand for healthy and nutritional alternatives. Think smaller portions, dark cocoa, and no preservatives.

    1. Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging

Switch to GREEN. Consumers are becoming more aware of the the impact of plastic and other packaging on the environment. Making your confectionery product’s package greener will benefit the environment and your company (fewer packaging failures, less downtime, and better consumer experience).


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