Overcoming Big Challenges for Small Packages

by | May 18, 2018 | Premium News | 0 comments

Oftentimes, great things come in small packages. Smaller package design produces  less waste, and can offer a product premium shelf space at a retailers when a retailer is faced with limited shelf space.

Like any packaging design, challenges can arise when pushing the envelope creatively. When faced with such challenges, our Bellwyck Premium team has some tips to overcome:



  • Practicality.


A smaller package must be designed with practicality in mind. Consider how your consumer interact with the packaging  with their five senses. The shape and function of the packaging should never be compromised for a smaller result.



  • Clarity and simplicity.


Smaller packaging means less space for you to work with. Ensure there is enough information, and the right information, to convey what the product is for and what the brand is behind it.



  • Authenticity.


Don’t skimp on authenticity. A smaller package should still be packed with character and just as original and memorable as a larger package.



  • Shelf impact.


A smaller package means smaller shelf space. Your smaller package shouldn’t be a scaled down version of the original, it should be created specifically with your target audience in mind. Design your package so that it grabs your customers attention and STANDS OUT on the shelf.

“In today’s world, with everyone moving far and wide with greater and greater speed, the importance of the small package is intensified. The consumer is looking for convenience and ease of use. Simple, eye-catching graphics are the key to getting the attention of the fast-moving busy on-the-go shopper. Bellwyck offers an array of possibilities to make your package “pop”. – Ross Robinson, Manager, Customer Services  

Packaging is the final push to influence buying decisions. When you partner with Bellwyck, our design and prepress departments are closely connected and collaboratively with you to overcome any packaging design challenges.