Lock out the kids and let the grandparents in

by | May 6, 2021 | Premium News | 0 comments

Kids aren’t just getting bigger these days, they’re getting smarter. By about three years of age, many kids can already find their way around a tablet or phone to play their favourite games, and operate a smart TV to watch their favourite shows. Some even know their way around a computer. In a possible dystopian future, it’s conceivable that the “baby’s first steps” milestone is supplanted by “baby’s first internet search.”

To keep up with these rapidly evolving mini Einsteins, the packaging design industry always has to stay one adult-sized step ahead. Pharmaceutical and cannabis products have to be packaged in meticulously designed and engineered containers that thwart little fingers from accessing the contents inside while being easily openable for their intended consumer. It’s a tricky balancing act that has only proven trickier thanks to the legalization and growing popularity of cannabis-infused edibles.

Meanwhile, the race to develop cutting-edge packaging designs that stand out on shelf and capture the consumer’s imagination continues at the speed of light. Every time a design firm introduces a new packaging format made to hold potentially harmful ingredients to a child, it has to pass a child-resistance test.

This test involves getting the new package in front of a group of at least 200 children between the ages of 42 and 51 months to see how many can get the package open. If at least 85% of those children can’t open the package, the design passes step number one. Next, the container is put in front of at least 100 adults between the ages of 18 and 45 years, and at least 90% of those test subjects have to be able to get the package open. For products that are frequently purchased by seniors, some companies also opt to undergo a third test with a senior-aged focus group to ensure the contents are accessible.

It’s a difficult balancing act and one that Bellwyck takes very seriously. That’s why Bellwyck has its very own Cannabis Secure brand that combines the company’s 80+ years of experience in the packaging industry with a secure, turnkey and scalable cannabis packaging solution.

Cannabis Secure’s offering features the award-winning Locked4Kids child-resistant packaging: a solution that is compliant with all government regulations and is easily accessible for adults while offering proven peace-of-mind for its ability to restrict opening by younger children. The product’s ingenious child-proof/senior-friendly format is the result of years of comprehensive design and development, prototyping and testing before being released under Bellwyck’s Cannabis Secure brand. Both client feedback and cannabis industry adoption to date have been exceptional.

Locked4Kids can be configured to hold the majority of cannabis products available in Canada today: dry flower, oil, pre-rolls, edibles and vape cartridges. Its patented design is both frustratingly complex and ridiculously simple. The contents are housed in a tray that is inserted and fixed into an outer carton. To access the tray, the consumer must press two tabs located on the carton’s exterior before sliding the tray out. Sounds easy so far, doesn’t it?

The revolutionary aspect integrated into Locked4Kids’s design is that the tabs are strategically set apart diagonally on the carton’s sides, making the spacing too far apart for children’s hands but easily accessible for adults and seniors. Thinking one step ahead, the outer carton is laminated inside to resist tearing. Curious to see how it works? View the demonstration video now.

True to cannabis’ green halo, both the inner plastic tray and outer carton are suitable for municipal household recycling programs. Plus, the package is exceptionally lightweight, which helps reduce fuel consumption during shipping. Cannabis Secure’s design is also extremely versatile, offering print compatibility with both standard packaging lines and manual assembly.

While Canada’s cannabis labelling laws are relatively conservative in regards to design standards, the hope is that one day the restrictions will loosen and open up a world of creative possibilities. When this day comes, Cannabis Secure is ready; its future-proof format is ideally suited to a wide range of luxury-level print techniques, ensuring the packaging will regally stand out in retail environments.

“I can honestly say that with 27 years of operations experience, Bellwyck sets the standard for excellence,” said cannabis packaged goods authority, Je­ff Purcell. “Their technical knowledge and support in this extremely fast-paced new industry has been amazing. They have become a trusted partner and are usually at the table with our team early on in product development meetings. Bellwyck has always met their committed delivery schedules and are simply one of the best organizations I have worked with.”