Importance of Design Rules for Packaging Labels

by | May 30, 2018 | Premium News | 0 comments

Small but MIGHTY, packaging labels are far from exempt from design rules.

Now that you’ve decided you want to include labels on your packages, there are a few  things you should know – and stick to – before using these sticky marketing tools.

1. Make sure it’s crystal clear.

Don’t make the reader squint! Text on labels should be legible and contrasted against background, whether your customer is reading it close up or a far.  Not only should the text be clearly visible, it should also clearly describe what the product is used for.

TIP: Think minimal and pay attention to white space. Minimalism avoids the potential for identity theft that can occur when labels are too cluttered.

2. Consider the functional purpose of your label.

Ask yourself what you want your label to do.  Should your label provide your customer with information? Should it have a call-to-action that drives people back to the website, provide feedback, or fill out a survey?

3. Pick the perfect size and shape.

When deciding on the size and shape of a label, consider the overall size of your package. Will your package need a front and back label, or could a single wrap label suffice?

The shape of the label can also be used to draw consumers attention to your product. Add a finish to your label, like matte glossy, or lamination, to really make it POP!

4. Choose the right colour and material for your label.

The design of your label and the design of your package should be insync. A clear label may blend better with some products, but a white or foil label could work better for stand-out packaging.

Design rules are an important factor for packaging labels, but rules can be broken without compromising your package. If your needs are more “out-of-the-box”, Bellwyck can work with you to successfully bend the rules in the name of innovation.