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When you work with Bellwyck, you get more than a package that’s just ‘fit for purpose’. At Bellwyck, we package smart.


With the support of Bellwyck’s Project Management Team.

In this week’s Bellwyck Pharma Services Blog, we chat with one of our Project Management experts, Tracy Chase, on what it means for us to Package Smart. During her 16 years with the Bellwyck team, Tracy Chase, Senior Project Manager, has mastered the art of Packaging Smart.

Packaging Design Options

“Often our clients have limited experience in packaging materials and are not aware of what
options are available to them.” – Tracy Chase

Client’s have an array of clinical packaging design options to choose from, many of which are customized designs to match their clinical products. Options such as cartons, foam inserts, custom PVC trays, CR and non CR wallet cards for blisters, thermal transfer labels, multi-page booklet labels, product inserts, diaper labels, barcode printing and more!

With a variety of clinical packaging designs options, Bellwyck ensures your packaging design is more than “fit for purpose” by considering things like primary packaging type and size, blinding requirements for the trial and presence/location of any lot information on primary materials, storage conditions and available storage space, structural stability of product and final package, number of sites/countries/depots, and the amount of product available and allowable overage/wastage.

Bellwyck works closely with clients to help them visualize their package – providing them with recommendations on packaging design that are communicated through pictures, diagrams, and mock-ups.

The Successful Ways We Package Smart.

What makes a packaging design successful? Bellwyck considers a variety of qualities and traits such as: overall dimensions of finished design, suitability of packaging material for their storage condition, structural stability, ease of use for patients, and of course – exceptional service!

Bellwyck remains on the cusp of packaging design innovation by remaining up to date on trends and advancements in the clinical industry. We continuously look for inspiration from our suppliers, trade shows and events, webinars, and word of mouth.

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What do you think makes a package design SMART?
What clinical packaging ideas are you most excited for this year?