Bellwyck Brings Life to Horticulture Packaging

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It’s true: first impressions really do matter.

Garden centres can be visually overwhelming to the average consumer, creating a competitive landscape as horticulture products fight to capture the consumer’s attention. How can you break your horticulture product through the noise? By partnering with Bellwyck – a one-stop shop for all of your horticulture packaging needs.

From plant tags to packaging to flyers and catalogues, Bellwyck can help you cultivate the perfect package.

Bellwyck’s Horticulture Packaging

  1. Stick it, hang it, tag it.

The VERSA tag Program

“The VERSA tag Program fits neatly between fully custom options and off-the-shelf generic offerings.”

The control is in your hands when you choose the VERSA tag Program. We give you complete freedom with regard to content (design, images, and copy) in order to create the tag of your dreams.



Economical? Check.

Hassle-free? Check.

Super quick? Check.


There’s no doubt why our online VERSA mini program is popular. We give you the choice to pick from over 6,000 ready-to-print tags. See how it works, here:


  1. Custom Tags
  2. Want to get really personal? Fully customized tags let you choose how to present information and images about your horticulture product.

  1. Publish it.

Ramp up your communication in store and encourage consumers to purchase your product with branding services. Bellwyck offers catalogues, flyers, magazines, posts, and more so you can share your information. We’ll even help you pick the right choice for the right horticulture atmosphere.

  1. Encourage it.

Increase your visual presence in store with P.O.P. that POPS! Bellwyck can help you capture the attention of your target audience with P.O.P. posters, flyers, banners, and more.

  1. BONUS: Branding, web, and photography.

Brand recognition is fundamental in the crowded horticulture market. Bellwyck also offers clients branding, web, and photography services to create your brand’s look and feel.

Looking to bring life to your horticulture packaging?

See how Bellwyck can turn your packaging dreams into a reality by visiting