​Behind the Scenes at Bellwyck Pharma Services’ Rimini Facility

Our clients are always welcome and even encouraged to visit Bellwyck Pharma Services’ Rimini facility, where we can personally show them our latest pharma and healthcare packaging innovations and services. For those that cannot make it to our facility in person, we’ve opened
our doors in today’s blog to take you behind the scenes of Bellwyck’s Rimini facility, located in Mississauga.

Over the past eight decades, Bellwyck has evolved into a smart ‘One Stop Solution’ source for healthcare packaging, offering our customers a full scope of products for both primary and
secondary packaging, including Folding Cartons, Labels, Commercial Packaging, Clinical Services and Brand Protection Solutions.

Bellwyck Pharma Services is able to offer our clients a full scope of products, as a result of our consistency and confidence, strict GMP and ISO compliance, and lean manufacturing processes. Learn more about our primary and secondary packaging processes below.

Are you interested in learning more about Bellwyck Pharma Services​’ ​Rimini Facility?

A look inside of Rimini’s Primary Packaging Staging.

Klockner CP2 and Klockner CP3 machines are utilized at Bellwyck’s Rimini Facility to meet the blistering needs of our customers, offering a variety of barrier films and cold form foils that may be employed to protect the integrity of the product.

Blister packaging machines are used to seal products in a cavity with a paper backing, aluminum, or film seal.

Our Primary Pouching Machine has the capacity to pouch solid dose products in a full range of sizes and configurations.

Features of the pouching machine include Thermal Transfer Coder, Print-Registration system, fill verification system (Optical and physical).

The machine is currently engineered to feed solid dosage form, but can be modified to feed liquids, semi-solids, powders with replacements/re-engineering of feeding system.

In addition to primary packaging services, Bellwyck Pharma Services© has the capacity to offer our clients pure secondary packaging opportunities, including cartoning and labeling.

Depending on the scope of the project, Bellwyck’s Rimini Facility offers automatic and manual labeling, including re-labeling, over-labeling, and bright stock labeling programs.

Rimini’s Carton Scanner features barcode verification on the product insert and the folding carton, as well as, check-weighers to guarantee accurate filling.

We encourage our current clients and potential clients to visit our Rimini Facility in person, where we can show you the Rimini facility first hand, answering your questions along the way.

For more information and to book a tour, please contact us by phone at (905) 631-4476 or by
using the Contact Form on our website, found here: contact.

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